With the increased use of connected transport solutions (V2X) and the proliferation of highly complex applications, the unification of the timing standard for future vehicle architectures is more important than ever. 

To synchronize the devices at the numerous Ethernet interfaces with nanosecond accuracy, the CCA 9010 and CCA 7010 data loggers use the "Precision Time Protocol" according to the IEEE 802.1AS (gPTP) or 1588 (PTP, coming soon) standard. 

Here, the data logger as gPTP master regularly sends its internal timestamp to all connected gPTP slaves, which use this information to correct their internal timestamps. In this way, all parts of the logging system are put on a common time base and discrepancies due to runtime differences are eliminated. Possible differences between the timers of the individual capture modules and the data logger are also dynamically corrected. This ensures that all vehicle buses, LVDS adapters such as camera, LiDAR or radar sensors connected to the data logger are recorded in a correspondingly synchronized manner.

All incoming data now has the exact same time stamps, which makes it extremely easy for the development departments to process and analyze the recorded data.


  • Semi-automatic annotation of test drives
  • Dynamic addition of predefined labels for special events

Data Encryption

  • Data encryption according to OPAL 2.0 standard
  • Data encryption and data decryption without loss of time
  • Highest data security for mobile data handling

Software Features

Convenient functions support you in recording and analyzing your run-in data.


  • Support of a wide range of protocols
  • PLP for recording bus data via Ethernet

File Formats

  • PCAP
  • MDF-Format


  • Control of numerous device functions 
  • Supported by the web browser-based user interface