Highest data security from the data logger to the data center is ensured with the CCA 9010 und CCA 7010 product series by integrated hardware encryption: The Self Encrypting Drive feature of the NVMe SSDs in removable data storage devices ensures data encryption from the data logger to the copy station in accordance with AES-256 and OPAL 2.0 standards. In contrary to software encryption, the performance of the SSD is not affected in any way, write and read speeds remain fully preserved. 


For hardware encryption, the ViGEM key tool generates a separate password for each removable data storage device, which is stored together with a public ID in a secure key file. This ID of the removable data storage device is later used for secure reading of the keyfile during decryption in the copy station.         

The security and reliable availability of your collected data is thus guaranteed throughout the entire recording and transfer process.

Software Features

Convenient functions support you in recording and analyzing your run-in data.


  • Semi-automatic annotation of test drives
  • Dynamic addition of predefined labels for special events

gPTP Timestamp

  • Synchronized time stamp gPTP
  • Unification of recorded data with nanosecond accuracy
  • Standard with CCA 9010 and CCA 7010


  • Support of a wide range of protocols
  • PLP for recording bus data via Ethernet

File Formats

  • PCAP
  • MDF-Format


  • Control of numerous device functions 
  • Supported by the web browser-based user interface