Comprehensive and top quality reference data are crucial for the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions (AD). This data is needed both to train artificial intelligence (AI) using machine learning and also to validate the entire data acquisition chain in HIL (Hardware in the Loop) or SIL (Software in the Loop) testing after any change to algorithms, hardware or software.

Millions of kilometers are driven worldwide under a wide variety of conditions (weather, route, traffic situation, etc.) in order to record the necessary data and cover as many regular traffic situations as possible, but also marginal and edge cases first and foremost. During the test drive campaigns, data from a large number of vehicles equipped with cameras, radar and lidar sensors must be collected and stored as raw sensor data. The volume of data that results, as well as the associated recording and data transport challenges, is enormous.

This ViGEM end-to-end system is the ideal tool to master the challenge.

CCA 9010-100 data logger
CCA S1060T-C removable data storage
CCA CS10-100G copy station

The CCA 9010-100 high-end data logger can reliably record the raw data from all typical AD sensors such as cameras, radar sensors and lidar with a common time base. Up to 25 Gbit/s can be continuously written with one device. Multiple data loggers can be cascaded to cover larger data rate requirements. Thanks to the low power consumption for this performance, the CCA 9010 can also be used without an additional backup battery.

The convenient, easy-to-use software enables, among other things, a consistency check of the data and thus ensures high data quality. If the logger is connected to a modem, remote set up, remote maintenance of the devices and connection to a fleet management system are possible.


Depending on the use case, special labeling subsets are needed for the recorded data. If, for example, it has been determined that an image recognition algorithm is still having problems recognizing warning signs in fog, it is important for developers to have quick access to all the records in question. To this end, the ViGEM data logger can augment the recorded data with additional information (metadata) already during the test drive. Using the prelabel function, the user determines attributes (e.g. weather, road type) or events (stop sign, speed bump, etc.) for this purpose.

How do I get the data home?

A typical AD sensor setup generates 2 GByte/s of data, so you are looking at about 60 TB of data in an 8-hour shift. One challenge is transferring this data, from vehicles worldwide, to a data center or a cloud storage service. Transmitting wirelessly takes much too long even when there is good bandwidth availability on a 5G mobile network. Even a direct read-out of the data from the vehicle results in long downtimes.

To solve this problem, ViGEM offers powerful and particularly long-lasting removable data storage devices. They were specifically designed for mobile data handling, and are subject to regular quality and performance tests. These robust modules can withstand the very high mechanical and thermal demands of vehicle test operators and are available with different storage capacities based on the application. Easy handling and quick replacement enable permanently rotating use of the removable data storage devices and thus highly efficient utilization of test fleets without longer downtimes.

The data can be conveniently read out with the CCA CS10-100G copy stations. The ViGEM copy stations can be placed at local support points with broadband Internet access to upload the data to cloud storage. The copy stations can also be installed centrally with a direct connection to a data center.

Interface Transmission Speed Duration for 60 TB
LTE 20 Mbit/s 6666 hours
5G 500 Mbit/s 267 hours
802.1 ab WiFi 1.7 Gbit/s 78 hours
1G Ethernet 900 Mbit/s 148 hours
10G Ethernet 9 Gbit/s 15 hours
100G Ethernet 50 Gbit/s 2.6 hours


Data are a company's greatest asset, and they must be protected at all costs!

Recorded camera data in particular may contain personal data that falls under the special protection of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or similar local regulations. Therefore, you must always prevent unauthorized parties from accessing this data.

ViGEM's CCA removable storage devices therefore support TCG OPAL 2.0 data encryption so you can sleep soundly even if a removable data storage device is lost in transit. The data encryption and key handling functionality is already integrated in the CCA data logger and the CCA copy station. 


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