Secure, end-to-end processes from data collection, data storage, data transfer to data analysis.

At the end of a test drive, the ViGEM removable data storage devices can be quickly and easily exchanged and the encrypted data sent to the data center. The sophisticated concept of Mobile Data Handling ensures the secure storage and transfer of your valuable data.

At the data center, the ViGEM copy station ensures a fast ingest to powerful servers or to the cloud. The copy station can be controlled in many ways via script, it automatically operates the hardware encryption of the data storage modules and masters common transfer protocols such as NFS, AWS S3 and SCP. After a successful upload, it prepares the removable data storage devices for reuse in the field, allowing you to utilize your test fleets in a time- and cost-efficient manner. The recorded data is available to the development departments for analysis purposes within a very short time.



Robust data loggers like those from ViGEM are the key in the process chain for automated and autonomous driving. In the DXC Innovation Lab you can learn more about the possibilities of data-driven development processes in connection with ViGEM devices.

(Matthias Bauhammer, Director Robotic Drive Global Offering Lead, DXC Technology)

DXC Robotic Drive

"DXC Robotic Drive" provides IT & data services for the data-driven development of automated and autonomous driving. In order to support OEMs and Tier1 in the development, testing and validation of Level 2 plus to Level 5 functions, CCA CS10 copy stations from ViGEM are used in the DXC Robotic Drive Innovation Lab in Böblingen (Germany). They promptly read out the raw data encrypted on the removable data storage devices and transfer it loss-free and at high transmission speeds to the development departments for later data analysis. The entire data processing chain is orchestrated by DXC and relevant hardware, software and cloud partners are integrated.

The process, methods, tools and platform put together by DXC Technology for data-driven development, validation and integration scales seamlessly from experimental proof-of-concept to production-ready global integration of custom vehicle electronics and cloud-based AI accelerators.

DXC Robotic Drive Innovation Lab



For the application "Data Center", we provide the following products:

Product Family CCA 9010

Product Family CCA 7010

Product Family CCA 9003