The CCA Framework is a C-library. Similar to the web interface, it allows you to configure and control the CCA data logger and CCA copy station. It also provides additional features, such as the ability to pre-filter data to be synchronized to reduce the amount of data.

It supports reading all trace file types that the logger can record (PCAP, VPCAP, DAT, MDF*), writing new trace files (PCAP, VPCAP, MDF, ASC and video) and converting trace files to another format.

To make the CCA Framework even more convenient to use, it now has a native Python API in addition to the C/C++ API. With this extension Python programmers can now access all functionalities of the CCA data loggers.

* Only CCA Framework MDF

CCA Finder

  • Listing of all available CCA data loggers and CCA copy stations
  • Ease of operation via user interface

CCA Converter

  • Easy conversion of many file formats
  • Numerous filter options
  • Different output formats

Individual Developments

  • Project specific adaptations
  • Incorporation into existing toolchains possible
  • Integration into existing simulation technology and cloud environments possible

Software Features

Convenient functions support you in recording and analyzing your run-in data.


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