The CCA Finder is used to identify your CCA device in the network. For this purpose, all operational data loggers and copy stations are listed with IP addresses that are connected to the network. This allows easy access to the web interface as well as the recorded data. After the installation, the CCA Finder can be launched from the Windows start menu.




The ViGEM software CCA Converter allows you to merge the recorded data. If a data format is not supported by our device, you can convert the recorded data to many other formats using the CCA Converter.

Numerous filter options (e.g. time, session, file, logger) and output formats (e.g. VPCAP/PCAP/MDF/ADTF-DAT) are available. The jobs can be processed individually or in batches.


  • CCA XCP Compiler 
    CCA data loggers need a VXP file for recording XCP signals of an ECU. With the CCA XCP Compiler this VXP file can be generated from an A2L and LAB files.
  • CCA Offline Configurator 
    The CCA Offline Configurator can be used to create a configuration file (CCA file) without using a data logger or copy station.
  • Configuration Migration Tool (coming soon)
  • CCA Key Generator (only Linux)
    The S10xxT removable data storage devices of the CCA 9010 product family support hardware encryption according to OPAL 2.0. The CCA Key Generator can be used to generate key files and keystore files that are required for the encryption and decryption of the S10xxT removable data storage devices.
  • Wireshark Dissector
    The Wireshark Dissector is a plugin for Wireshark with which VPCAP record files can be displayed and analyzed with Wireshark.


The user-friendly ViGEM firmware can be individually adapted to project-specific requirements. On request, we offer integration into existing toolchains, such as automatic data conversion for replay applications, connection of the data loggers to fleet management as well as integration into existing simulation tools and cloud environments.


Click here for Hands-On Sessions on the installation and operation of the ViGEM software


CCA Framework

  • C-library
  • Simple configuration and controlling of the CCA data logger and CCA copy station
  • Native Python-API 

Software Features

Convenient functions support you in recording and analyzing your run-in data.