Custom Solution

CCA 9003

Individual configurations for your onboard network. EVERY BIT COUNTS.


The modular structure of these data loggers using integrated capture units enables future applications to be individually adapted. Depending on customer requirements, ports for Ethernet, USB, etc. are configured project-specifically on the rear of the device. This proven custom solution is ideally suited for use in both development environments and test fleets with data rates up to 6.4 Gbit/s. The robust and reliable data logger enables continuous or triggered recording of sensor and camera raw data as well as automotive standard buses.

Technical Features CCA 9003

Technical Features CCA 9003

Data Recording Rate up to 6.4 Gbit/s  Interfaces
2 x 2-Port 1000Base-T Ethernet Switch (RJ45) (CCA 9003)
1 x 4-Port 1000Base-T Ethernet Switch (RJ45) (CCA 9002)
10 x CAN FD, 1 x switchable to CAN (LS) (CCA 9003)
10 x CAN (HS), 4 x switchable to CAN-FD, 1 x switchable to CAN (LS) (CCA 9002) 
2 x FlexRay
4 x LIN
5 x RS232
4 x Digital I/O
6 x Analog in
Operating Temperature
(no condensation moisture)
-10° C ... +50° C
Operating Voltage Nominal value: 12 V DC
Dimensions (HxLxD) 100 x 273 x 271 mm
Timestamp Synchronous for all buses Interfaces (others) 2 USB 3.0 Host
1 x Gbit Ethernet (PC connection)
Capture Units Configurations can be selected from 8 Capture Units 
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High Data Rates

Continuous data recording up to 6,4 Gbit/s.

Individual Configurations

Expandable with up to 5 integrated capture units.

Selected Hard- and Software

High-quality and perfectly matched components ensure the consistent ViGEM quality. Benefit from our years of experience.

Compact Form Factor

At only about 100 x 270 x 270 mm and weight less than 5 kg, this is ViGEM's most compact logger.


The synchronization of 2 loggers is possible to double the performance.

Reliable Data Recording

The combination of robust housings and high-quality SSDs ensures reliable recording without data loss even in harsh environments.



Data Sheet



Removable Data Storage

The CCA 9003 custom solution provides removable data storage devices with data storage capacities from 2 TB to 16 TB in the industrial temperature range.

Copy Station for CCA 9003

The CCA CS1-10G is a transfer solution tailored to your individual needs with transfer rates up to 10 Gbit/s.