Numerous functions. No usage restrictions. Individual adaptations.


The convenient CCA Tools are available to the users of ViGEM products without any restrictions. They allow, for example:

  • Easy identification of ViGEM devices in the network
  • Conversion of recorded data

The CCA Tools are part of every device delivery. Updates are available in the ViGEM Download Center

CCA Finder

  • Listing of all available CCA data loggers and CCA copy stations
  • Ease of operation via user interface

CCA Converter

  • Easy conversion of many file formats
  • Numerous filter options
  • Different output formats

More CCA Tools

  • CCA Key Generator (only Linux)
  • CCA Offline Configurator
  • CCA XCP Compiler
  • Wireshark Dissector

Individual Developments

  • Project specific adaptations
  • Incorporation into existing toolchains possible
  • Integration into existing simulation technology and cloud environments possible


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Full Range of Functions

ViGEM customers have unrestricted access to all functions of the CCA Tools. Without ifs and buts.

Flexible Adaptations

ViGEM software can be customized to meet your specific project requirements. Integrations into existing tool chains such as fleet management, for replay applications or simulation tools are also possible.

Updates included

Take advantage of the regular updates in our Download Center.

Engineering Services

Benefit from competent support throughout the entire duration of the project. Specific adaptations to your project progress are possible at any time.


Software Features

Convenient functions support you in recording and analyzing your run-in data.

CCA Framework

  • C-library
  • Simple configuration and controlling of the CCA data logger and CCA copy station
  • Native Python-API