The practical pre-labeling can be used for the annotation of test drives. For this purpose, the environmental conditions are specified at the start of a test drive. During the test drive, dynamic addition of predefined labels is possible to identify special events in the test data later. The pre-label function can be configured exactly to your needs, with your own categories, words and images.

gPTP Timestamp

  • Synchronized time stamp gPTP
  • Unification of recorded data with nanosecond accuracy
  • Standard with CCA 9010 and CCA 7010

Data Encryption

  • Data encryption according to OPAL 2.0 standard
  • Data encryption and data decryption without loss of time
  • Highest data security for mobile data handling

Software Features

Convenient functions support you in recording and analyzing your run-in data.


  • Support of a wide range of protocols
  • PLP for recording bus data via Ethernet

File Formats

  • PCAP
  • MDF-Format


  • Control of numerous device functions 
  • Supported by the web browser-based user interface