ViGEM sets standards with synchronized timestamp gPTP

Elimination of timelags in mobile data logging

With the use of the software feature gPTP (generalized precision time protocol) in the CCA 9010 product family, ViGEM is once again setting standards in mobile measurement and diagnostic electronics. The CCA 9010 devices use IEEE 802.1AS of the well-known PTP IEEE1588 standard for nanosecond-accurate synchronization of the over 40 automotive Ethernet interfaces on the logger.

This valuable feature for unifying the recorded data enables our customers from the automotive industry an efficient data analysis in the development of automated driving functions and autonomous driving. The CCA 9010 gPTP function acts as a time gateway to all connected devices. It eliminates time differences on a distributed network, regardless of switches and cables that can otherwise cause delays and time differences. For this purpose, a gPTP-Master sends the date and time to the gPTP slave port, which adjusts its clock on it and synchronizes all vehicle buses, LVDS adapters such as camera, LiDAR or radar sensors connected to the data logger accordingly. After that, all incoming data have the exact same time stamps, which makes it extremely easy for users to process the data or analyze data. Additionally, it is an existential feature for securing new driving functions.

With the rise of vehicle-to-everything solutions (V2X) and increasingly demanding applications, the standardization of the time standard is becoming more and more important in future vehicle architectures. You can find further information in our FAQ or contact our experts: sales @vigem .de