Removable data storage: Highest reliability and data security

The robust removable data storage modules CCA S10xxT-x were specially designed for our CCA 9010 data logger. With total capacities from 16 TB to 64 TB, the modules are available for the standard or extended temperature range. All variants are characterized by reliably high write speeds (up to 32 Gbit/s) and read speeds (up to 48 Gbit/s). The standard feature of data encryption according to AES-256 and OPAL 2.0 protects the valuable data during transfer.

Robust metal housings ensure the long-term, reliable use of the removable data storages in test vehicles. The highly efficient utilization of vehicle fleets, which are used for the validation of driver assistance systems and autonomous driving, is enabled by the sophisticated mobile data handling concept from ViGEM. It allows the quick change of the storage media as well as a fast transfer of the securely encrypted data.


Total storage capacities: 16 TB, 60 TB, 64 TB
Data encryption according to AES-256 and OPAL 2.0 standard
Extended temperature range: -20° up to 65 °C
Rugged, shock and vibration tested cartridge