The powerful product portfolio of the Car Communication Analyzers (CCA) sets new standards in mobile measurement and diagnostic electronics. Whether CCA data logger, copy station, or removable data storage, ViGEM products stand out through their performance, operating comfort, and impeccable reliability. Depending on your requirements, various Capture Units, Capture Modules, as well as a wide range of accessories are available for individual configurations.

Powerful data logging requires innovative data handling! Get in touch with us to discuss your technical requirements.

High-End Solution CCA 9010

For the development of future mobility: The high-performance data logging solution CCA 9010 is available from the first steps of development to validation of innovative projects in the field of ADAS and autonomous driving during test drives.

The consistent interaction of high-speed data logger, robust removable data storage, and fast copy station enables you to efficiently utilize test vehicles with maximum data security.

  • Continuous data rates up to 25 Gbit/s per logger
  • Expandable with external capture modules
  • Removable data storage up to 122 TB
  • Variants for extended and standard temperature range
  • Fast data ingest with up to 50 Gbit/s

Custom Solution CCA 9003

The CCA 9003 solution is ideally suited for evolving development projects and vehicle testing with data rates up to 6.4 Gbit/s. Customized capture units allow individual adaptations to your specific project requirements.

  • Continuous data rate up to 6.4 Gbit/s
  • Expandable with up to 5 integrated capture units
  • Removable data storage with capacities up to 16 TB
  • Extended temperature range
  • Data ingest with up to 10 Gbit/s

"Modern driver assistance systems make driving more comfortable and safer. With our CCA systems, we support the efficient qualification process of camera-based driver assistance systems."

CEO ViGEM, Markus Trauth


  • Validated Products
    Benefit from the experience of our experts in validating selected SSDs for automotive applications.

  • Reliable Supply Chains
    Long-term relationships with reliable suppliers are the basis for consistent quality at the highest level.

  • Long-Term Availability
    Whether initial purchase or repeat purchase. We deliver your selected data storage modules in constantly high ViGEM quality, year after year.


  • Selected Hard- and Software
    High-quality and perfectly matched components ensure the consistent ViGEM quality.

  • Reliable Data Recording
    You can count on reliable, continuous recordings without any data loss.

  • Fast Data Availability
    The easy handling of the removable data storage devices ensures the high operational availability of the data loggers and thus allows the efficient utilization of your test vehicles. The ingest of data can be done quickly via the ViGEM copy station.
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ViGEM develops customized solutions consisting of data logger, removable data storage, and copy station. The CCA data loggers perform the continuous, unbroken, and uncompressed recording of radar, lidar, and high-resolution camera data as well as data from all automotive standard buses. An unique data handling concept allows 24/7 usage of the test vehicles, as it requires only extremely short downtimes to change the storage media. The fleet of test vehicles can therefore be highly efficiently utilized. The CCA copy stations guarantee the fast transmission of the data to a NAS, server, or cloud, whereby the data are promptly available for further analysis purposes.

Efficient Validation.

The validation of automated driver assistance systems and autonomous driving requires the recording, storage, and analysis of enormous amounts of data. In the run-up to the Start of Production (SOP), test vehicles drive millions of kilometers over thousands of hours to collect environmental, traffic and vehicle data with ViGEM data loggers under real conditions.


"For the BMW Group, the central precondition for highly automated driving is the development of safe driver assistance systems. The extremely powerful ViGEM data loggers have been used in our test vehicles for years. They reliably record the huge amounts of data without compression". (Alexander Schrafstetter, AD Vehicle Setup Development, BMW Group)

Mobile data handling

The secure, mobile data handling concept of ViGEM allows the quick exchange of the storage media as well as the fast transfer of the securely encrypted data. Data encryption is performed in the CC 9010 solution according to AES-256 and OPAL 2.0. In the data center, ViGEM copy stations read the data to transfer it to other media (NAS, server, cloud, etc.). In this way, the recorded data is quickly and reliably available to the development teams worldwide for analysis purposes.



Integrated software solutions which are tailored to the requirements of our customers are at the heart of our products. A clear web browser-based user interface, as well as various plug-ins and PC software tools, support intuitive operation. 

Tools and Plugins

The ViGEM software suite (CCA Tools) ensures a simple identification of the ViGEM units in the network (CCA Finder) as well as a conversion of the recorded data (CCA Converter). All CCA data loggers and CCA copy stations can be configured and controlled via web browser from any PC, tablet, or smart phone – without having to install any drivers or tools.



ViGEM offers the semi-automatic insertion of predefined labels into test data with the integrated pre-label tool. First the labels for the whole test drive are applied and then additional event-labels can dynamically characterize an event and mark it in the test data. The ViGEM pre-label process can be configured to your needs with your own categories, naming, and pictures.


Advanced developments require individual solutions: We are happy to develop tailored high-end configurations for an optimum connection of CCA data logging solutions to your vehicle wiring.

Ports, Cables and Breakout Boards

In order to fulfill your individual requirements, various capture modules, capture units, and plug connections are available, depending on your choice of CCA model. Whether supply cable, connector or data cable: We produce tailored cables as well as breakout boards for the isolation of signals from the high-pole plug connectors of the CCA systems to D-Sub in different models.