Removable data storage CCA S10xxT: Robust. Validated. Reliable.

Test vehicles are often on the road for months at a time, sometimes all over the world, to collect traffic and vehicle data for the validation of innovative driving functions. The measurement electronics installed in the trunk for this purpose must withstand high mechanical and thermal loads. The fast availability of the recorded data for analysis and further processing is another decisive requirement of the development departments.

ViGEM offers a suitable solution for these demanding tasks:

As an expert for high-end data logging, ViGEM has developed the high-performance, robust removable data storage devices of the CCA S10xxT series especially for mobile data handling. The modules are permanently optimized and further developed. To meet individual project requirements, different variants up to a total storage capacity of 64 TB are available for the standard temperature range (0° to +50° C) and the extended temperature range (-20° to +65° C). Their robust metal housing reliably protects the high-quality, internal electronics from excessive mechanical stress and thus enables long-term, mobile usage, even in harsh environments.

When the test drive is finished or the removable data storage is full, it can be quickly and easily exchanged and sent to the data center. There, the encrypted data is read by a ViGEM copy station and transferred to other media such as NAS, server, or cloud at up to 50 Gbit/s. The rotating use of the robust storage media permanently ensures the high operational availability of the CCA 9010 data loggers and enables our customers to efficiently utilize their test vehicles as well as to analyze data in real time.

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