September 30, 2020

New brand

Innovation is Orange becomes EVERY BIT COUNTS. With a modified logo and a strong, self-confident claim, ViGEM presents its new brand. The relaunched corporate design will take the expert for mobile big data logging solutions to a new level without weakening the recognition value of the ViGEM brand, which has been well-established in the automotive industry for more than 10 years.
"Integrated into our new corporate design, we are aiming with the slogan EVERY BIT COUNTS both at the extraordinary performance of our devices and at current and future market trends," reports ViGEM CEO Markus Trauth. "The amount of data that has to be collected and analyzed during the development process of autonomous driving will continue to increase exponentially in the next years," Trauth is convinced.
The new ViGEM logo is characterized by a reduction to the essential elements of a word/figurative mark and the strengthening of the typography using a new font. Orange will stay the lead color and optical signal of the brand. The new corporate design reflects how the electronics specialist ViGEM strives to efficiently support its customers and project partners in the automotive industry with high-end products by dealing with the demanding development tasks in the field of automated and autonomous driving.