Efficient Testing Strategies.

The CCA ViGEM product family is designed specifically for mobile use in the vehicle instrumentation. Together with our customers we develop application-specific solutions for the verification and validation of advanced driver assistance systems.

With the CCA high-performance test tool product family ViGEM sets new standards for mobile measurement and diagnostic electronics. Automotive buses and Gigabit ethernet can be recorded with continuous data rates of up to 6,4 Gbit/s. CCA systems allow high test coverage and provide real relief in managing your challenging problems in development, integration, test and driving test.

Experience significant cost savings and the benefit of quick and convenient availability of the recorded data by using ViGEM Car Communication Analyzer systems for your various applications.

Your benefit.

  • Increase test coverage and test security
  • Detect errors in-time and completely
  • Reduce development risks
  • Save costs and time: Experience the significant cost savings in your applications through the quick and convenient availability of the recorded data with ViGEM Car Communication Analyzer systems.

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