TECHINFO June 2021

In the current issue of our TECHINFO we present brand-new solutions from the CCA 9010 product family enabling efficient validation of advanced functions in ADAS and autonomous driving. Learn more about the data logger CCA 9010-50, the hardware-only storage adapter rack CCA RACK10 and the enhanced variant of the removable storage devices CCA S10xxT.

ViGEM´s state-of-the-art products are used worldwide in field operational tests (FOT) and demanding automotive engineering projects. Depending on your specific requirements, you can now choose between our new mid-range model CCA 9010-50 and the high-end solution CCA 9010-100 for convenient use in prototype vehicles or development environments. Our proven removable data storage devices can now be equipped with valuable new features like double backplane bandwidth and an optimized thermal design allowing higher performance and more flexibility. This enhanced variant allows shorter lead times in the event of service as well as fast and flexible adaptations to changing customer requirements. Further information on our product page.